“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

No Regrets

  What is it about the new year that makes us stop and reflect on our life?  I think it’s a great thing to do—-at any time of the year.  But something about December rolling around and knowing there’s a new year and a fresh start around the corner makes us think about changes we’d like to make, things we did or didn’t do well in the current year (or past years), and goals we would like to set. This {Read More}


Have you ever faced transition?  Oh goodness….I’ve faced more than I ever wanted to face.  It seems my life has been one big transition.  Constant goodbyes and hellos.  Change.  It seems nothing stays the same for long. Ok, so maybe it hasn’t been constant, but it surely feels like it sometimes. I’ve moved to 3 countries and several states.  I’ve learned new language and new cultures.  I understand transitions and adapting to change.  Too well.    I know what it’s like {Read More}

OOPS: Overly Optimistic Planning Syndrome

Do you have OOPS? Are you Overly Optimistic with your Planning? Are you busy?  Do you take on too much?  Do you think you can do it all? How does that work out for you?  Do you feel guilt?  Failure?  Frustration? How are your expectations?  Do you expect more of yourself than you do of others?  If someone else were trying to do all that you do, what would you tell that person? Do you notice “OOPS” at certain times {Read More}

Extraordinary vs. Extra-ordinary

Do you ever look at your life and compare it to others and think how theirs is so extraordinary, but yours is just extra-ordinary? I think we’ve probably all done that at one time or another about something. Do you have a vision of something big and grand for your life, but you feel that in reality your life is just kind of plain.  It’s not quite what you would like to do.  Maybe you are content with how it {Read More}

Energy Drainer or Energy Gainer?

Have you ever stopped to think about the things in your life that give you energy or that zap it right out of you? Let’s start with energy drainers.   What are the things in your life that just drain you?  You can feel it…..your mood is different, you might dread something, you could feel pain and hurt…. It could be things in your environment such as clutter or disorder.  What about unfinished projects?  Or even things such as people,  to-do {Read More}

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