“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

The hardest thing (part 4)

I told our story about making the hard decision to leave the mission field in the previous 3 posts (part 1,  part 2, and part 3). So…………… let’s take this focus off of me and look at how God can use these types of experiences. I don’t ever want it to come across as telling my story just so people “hear my story”. I always want the focus to be on God and how He uses each experience and how {Read More}

The hardest thing (part 3)

Leaving the mission field was harder than going to the field, as I described in the previous 2 posts (part 1 and part 2). I won’t go into all the details of the next few months, but we really had no idea how much of an impact moving back to my hometown would have on our family. After moving back and buying a house, John was still pretty sick.  He basically had 2 options:  to live on the high dosage {Read More}

The hardest thing (part 2)

As I said in my previous post  ( part 1) , the hardest thing we ever did wasn’t going to the mission field, but leaving the mission field.   We honestly had no intentions of ever leaving. We went to seminary specifically to work towards serving as career missionaries.  That was the plan.  There was no back-up plan, nor any interest in another plan.  We knew we were doing exactly what God had for us to do.  Our seminary years were {Read More}

The hardest thing (part 1)

What is the hardest thing God has ever had you do? Do you know what it is?  Did something come to mind easily?  (or does everything seem hard….) We left a job with the post office to move to seminary with 3 boys and a baby on the way.  The transfer to the post office in Memphis didn’t work out, so John ended up delivering pizza through seminary.  (We joked that it was probably the most highly educated delivery team {Read More}

Blessed by adoption

We have been blessed by the adoption of 2 little boys.  I must say, they are amazing!  I can’t imagine our life without them. They are only 9-1/2 months apart and we adopted them as newborns.  We brought one home when he was 9 weeks old and the other when he was almost 4 months old.  They’re now 3 and 2.  The older is Chinese and the younger is Russian, so we call them our Chinese-Russian-Irish twins since they were {Read More}

Are you leaving the legacy you want to leave with your children?

A week ago was the 2nd anniversary of my mom’s death.  She had inflammatory breast cancer.  I’ve thought about her quite a bit the past few weeks.  I surely do miss her and over the past 2 years I have caught myself thinking that I would call her and tell her something a few times. She loved life and was a lot of fun.  My friends always liked her and enjoyed being around her. Mom was always active in our {Read More}

Praying for your spouse

One of my favorite authors is Elizabeth George.  I think I have most of her books, if not all of them.  I’m reading through 3 of them again right now and working through the growth and study guides that go with them. One of the books I’m reading is A Wife After God’s Own Heart.  As I’ve been working my way through it, I’ve tried to really stop and reflect on what kind of wife I am and what kind {Read More}

22 years of marriage

My husband, John, and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary this weekend.  Where did that time go?  Last time I checked, I was in my 20’s and…. well, now I guess I’m not.    I spent a lot of time this week thinking about some of the things we have experienced together over the years.  I thought I’d share a few things here. John and I met during college at breakfast one day with the BSU (Baptist Student Union).  I {Read More}

But I don’t want to do that….

Do you have anything in your life that you know God is asking you to do, but you don’t want to do it? (Ouch!) What makes it hard for you?  Is it uncomfortable?  Out of your comfort zone?  Does it involve someone you really don’t want to help?  Would it produce a result that you don’t want to see happen? Even when we are spiritually mature, we can still fight and wrestle with our good old stubborn will at times.  {Read More}

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