“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

Have you set any goals for 2014?


It’s that time again…..the New Year. Time for “resolutions”.

It’s the time when people think of fresh starts, making changes and planning how they would like their life to be.  We start off with great intentions and lofty plans for the year.  We just know that this year will be different.  This year we will do what we set out to do.

How long does that usually last?   How many actually follow through? If you’re like me, you probably know many people who don’t follow through, or you may have even not followed through yourself in the past.   I’m sure that has probably never happened to you though.  :)

What is it that makes the difference between saying you’ll do something and actually doing it?  The types of goals you set make a difference.  When you set a goal, make sure it’s a SMART goal.  As a review, that means:

S—specific, significant, strength-based

M-– measurable, meaningful, malleable

A– attainable, achievable, action-oriented

R–– relevant, realistic, rewarding

T–  time-bound, trackable, terminal

 S:  Don’t just give a generic goal.  Make specific goals that state exactly what you’ll do.  Work from your strengths and make them something that has significance to you, otherwise you won’t want to follow through.

M: The goals must be something that you can actually measure to know if you’ve accomplished it.  Allow yourself to tweak it if you need to.   Let’s be real– life happens and sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball and things change.  Don’t be so rigid about your goals that it’s all or nothing as written.  Stay flexible.

A:  Set goals that you can actually reach.  Break them down into smaller goals and have fun celebrating each milestone.

R: Are they realistic?  Do you have a reason to pursue them?  Are they relevant to your belief system?

T:  Make sure you have an end point.   Know when you will get there.  Set a deadline– even if that means making smaller goals, each with their own deadline, in order to reach your ultimate bigger goal.

For example: I want to lose weight; I want to be more organized; I will spend more time with my children; I want to read more; I will manage my home better; and  I want to grow spiritually are generic goals.

To make them more specific you could say:

  • I will lose 15 pounds by June 30th.
  • I will set up a filing system and deal with all paper as I receive it each day so that it does not accumulate.  Or, I will set up a filing system and deal with papers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
  • I will read to my children every night before bed and do at let them choose one activity to do together each day after school before dinner. I will schedule one fun family day each month.
  • I will keep the kitchen counters clear and not go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
  • I will set up a weekly cleaning schedule and follow it each morning before I leave the house for the day.
  • I will read 2 books on home organization by March 31st.
  • I will attend 2 Bible studies this year.  One in the spring and one in the fall.
  • I will keep a quiet time journal as I study and pray each day.

 Aim higher this year!     Reach out for exceptional and extraordinary!

Never settle for good if great is available!

You’ve got this!—What goal will you set for this coming year?

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