“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

OOPS: Overly Optimistic Planning Syndrome

Do you have OOPS?

Are you Overly Optimistic with your Planning?

Are you busy?  Do you take on too much?  Do you think you can do it all? How does that work out for you?  Do you feel guilt FailureFrustration?

How are your expectations?  Do you expect more of yourself than you do of others?  If someone else were trying to do all that you do, what would you tell that person?

Do you notice “OOPS” at certain times of the year or certain seasons of your life?

Do you get stressed out for major holidays or special occasions by taking on too much or because you want everything to be perfect?  Do  you let others help?  Or maybe others don’t  even try to help so you feel you have to do it yourself?

At times, we have a busy “season of life”, and although it can be quite challenging, we know it’s temporary and will not stay that way.  But what about when that season  becomes a lifestyle?  Have you made a subtle change where being too busy is no longer a temporary thing, but the way everything is for you—-every day?

Maybe it’s the inability to say no, or wanting to please others and not let them down.  Maybe it’s just taking on too much at once because you think you really can juggle all of those things at once.   No matter what got you into that mess situation, there is hope!

Although we don’t always admit it, we have a lot of control over what happens in our life.  We can’t always blame it on others and be the victim.

You can reclaim your life, slow things down, and overcome OOPS!  You have a choice!  You are in control!

If you have OOPS, but don’t want to………what would life look like if you didn’t?  How would each day go?  What kind of decisions would you make?  What would your schedule look like?  Which things would you prioritize?  Which things would you immediately drop!  Which things would you scale back and what would you invest your time in?  How would it feel to let some of it go?  What would you gain by doing so?  What would it cost you if you didn’t?  How does it affect those around you?

Would you like to have more balance to your life so that you can actually enjoy life and not just survive it and get through each day?  Sometimes we just find ourselves too busy and we don’t even know how it happened, but suddenly we realize it’s no longer a “season” but our “lifestyle”.

Life balance is a beautiful concept and one of the most common things people work on with a coach.



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