“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

Picking up the pieces

Do you ever feel like you are just picking up the pieces and starting over?

I completely get that.

I understand what it’s like to have a dream dissolve before your very eyes and what it means to lean on Christ to see you through and give you direction and purpose.

I understand what it’s like to experience losses and then pick up the pieces and start over, as I said earlier.

My husband and I have faced the deaths of three of our own children.  One through miscarriage, a son who died the night he and his twin brother were born, and a daughter who was stillborn.  We have also both lost our mothers. Three years ago, we even lost our career unexpectedly and had to start over when my husband got very ill on the mission field.

I know what it’s like to face a crisis and not have a plan B.  We had no plans to be anything except career missionaries.  We took a medical resignation so we could come back to the U.S. for him to heal and virtually save his life.  He ended up having his colon removed and that was a life-changing experience for our family.

I understand what it’s like to face transitions and wonder, “What do I do now?”

Through all of my experiences, God has given me amazing opportunities to minister to others and a desire to help them live an abundant life.

Difficulties in life have an opportunity for us to grow in character.  Our response to them reveals who we are.  Often they teach us great lessons.

Now, does that mean we enjoy them while they happen?  Not always.  Does that mean they’re easy?  Of course not.  But God can use them.  He wants to use them — and then use us to help others because of our experiences.

Do you have a challenge in your life?  If so, have you discovered the opportunity to grow in it?

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