“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

Wife of the year


Wouldn’t we all love to wear the title:  Wife of the Year. Be honest with yourself.  If your husband were to describe you, would he use those words? Does your husband know that he is your number one priority?  Your number one human relationship?  —–over your children, parents, best friend, or even a brother or sister.  Ouch.  Reflecting on that can really step on your toes. I will admit that I am not always wife of the year (even though {Read More}

Maximizing your everyday moments

I had the wonderful privilege and blessing of spending 4 days last week in Nashville for the American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC) World Conference.  One of the workshops I attended was led by Dr. Greg Smalley and it focused on enhancing your relationships through the everyday interactions you already have.  I’d like to share those principles, so this material is based on his teaching. We’re all so busy and it’s hard to find the time or energy to really {Read More}

The Ideal Marriage

Do you have an ideal marriage? What do you base your answer on? What does the ideal marriage look like to you?  What do you envision? How would you describe it? What roles would each spouse fill? What needs would be met? How much time would be spent together?  How would that time be spent? What would communication look like? What about intimacy? One of the problems we often fall into when we think “ideal anything” is that we go {Read More}

Marriage recipe

Do you have a recipe for your marriage?  A great recipe will result in overall pleasure in your relationship and your needs being met. Do you know which ingredients it takes for your marriage to be healthy, strong, and pleasurable? Each marriage is unique and will have its own recipe, although most will have some form and amount of these included: Communication about daily activities Conversations that resolve conflict and build the relationship Sharing new information and emerging desires Affection {Read More}

Praying for your spouse

One of my favorite authors is Elizabeth George.  I think I have most of her books, if not all of them.  I’m reading through 3 of them again right now and working through the growth and study guides that go with them. One of the books I’m reading is A Wife After God’s Own Heart.  As I’ve been working my way through it, I’ve tried to really stop and reflect on what kind of wife I am and what kind {Read More}

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