“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11


Have you ever faced transition?  Oh goodness….I’ve faced more than I ever wanted to face.  It seems my life has been one big transition.  Constant goodbyes and hellos.  Change.  It seems nothing stays the same for long.

Ok, so maybe it hasn’t been constant, but it surely feels like it sometimes.

I’ve moved to 3 countries and several states.  I’ve learned new language and new cultures.  I understand transitions and adapting to change.  Too well.    I know what it’s like to move (repeatedly) and have to say goodbye and have to start developing friendships and building your life again in a new place.   As a missionary, it was sometimes a little sad at times because it felt like life was a lot of bonding and then saying goodbye.

How do you deal with transition?  Have you learned what works best for you?  How does transition affect you?  Does it spill over into various areas of your life?  Does it affect your relationships?  Do you turn to God to walk you through it?

When we live intentionally and are proactive about things in our life, we can really focus on God and his leading in each situation.  We don’t have to just react to a situation and the stress or emotions that it brings.  We can respond.

Is there a transition in your life that God has recently brought you through or that you will be facing soon?  Do you need to prepare yourself to be intentional and proactive as you walk through it?

What could you do today to be intentional in one area of  your life that has recently faced, or will face, transition?




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