“You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence…” Psalm 16:11

Who will you be spiritually in one year?

Can you describe the man or woman you desire to be spiritually in one year? 

What about in ten years?

Have you ever taken time to think about who you want to be in the future?  I mean to really envision what the future “you” will be like?

I’ve thought about that for the past few weeks.  One of the Bible studies I’m working through asked me to write out who I would like to be spiritually both one year and ten years from now.

What are my goals?  Are there any people I  look up to and would like to be like?  How would I want others to describe me?  How would I want God to describe me?   Those are great questions and really got me thinking.

One year from now…………that wasn’t so hard.  I will still be “me”–a year’s not so far away.  I want to be someone people could look up to.  Not for the sake of “look at me” and drawing attention to myself, but because I am living as God would have me to live and being a godly example.  Here are a few things I thought of:

  • consistent in my spiritual disciplines
  • role-model for my kids
  • mentor and example for others
  • pray more
  • my first thoughts to always be on God and seeking His guidance

Ten years from now.   That one really threw me.

Seriously.   Reality hit.  I will be in my  30’s 50’s.  (How did that happen?)  Thinking about this one was a little sobering.

So many major life changes can, and probably will, occur in that time.  My oldest in in college.  He will graduate by then.  As a matter of fact, our oldest 4 will all be old enough to graduate college in that time-frame.  That means we may have weddings and grandchildren and…. oh my……really(???)  only 10 years from now?  Wow!

That definitely gave me a very different 10 year list.  I won’t be the same person in some aspects.

I thought about who I want to be in the eyes of my sons and daughters. I even thought about the spouses of my children.  And my grandchildren.  (gulp!) The spiritual example I want to be for them…….and for others.  I won’t bore you with all of the details that I wrote out on my list, but it was a wonderful thing to reflect on and really gave me a fresh appreciation for living each moment intentionally and enjoying every day that God gives me.

I thought about how life goes through cycles.  We got married young (21) and were very active in our church.  There were so many wonderful role-models we had through our married years.  Teachers, friends, people who became like family to us, etc.  We always looked up to them.  We were young.  Now, we’re actually in that age span where we have become the ones others could look up to.  (They seemed so much older when we were the ones looking up to them.  Now that I’m in that role, I guess they weren’t so old.)  I know we have people coming behind us looking up to us as their examples as we once did.  At the same time, we still have people we look up to who are older than us.  You’re never too old for that.  I think it’s great to always be a mentor and have a mentor.

Did you make your list yet?  Who will you be spiritually in a year?   What about in 10? 

  • Do you have something you are striving for?
  • Will it require any big changes or actions on your part to become that person?
  • How do you want God and others to describe you and see you?
  • How will it impact your life and relationships when you become that person?

How close are you to the ideal future you right now?

What is one thing you will do today to move you forward and toward that goal?









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